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Making YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL is our mission – to look in the mirror and discover the look you love is such a reassuring and invigorating feeling because:

you look beautiful

Our professional bridal hair artists are so honored to be able to foster this feeling with our amazing hair stylists who truly loved their job, unique hair techniques and artistic touch.

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Our world renowned hair artists are  

published in

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Glamour

  • Chicago Bride

  • Grazia

  • Fruk

  • Michigan Avenue Magazine

  • Elle

  • Lofficiel

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best chicago bridal hair artists


Discover the look you love and feel confident on your wedding day with a hair that will stay in place through the heat, eating , dancing and hugging!

Discover the unique version of yourself with our refined styles that match your perfect day from natural looks to highlights and from down to updo, veil hair or style it with accessories like flowers or jewelry.

find your unique style



Here's an opportunity to highlight your unique beauty and to experience our professional hair artists and our top of the line products .

Reach us directly and remember that we are just one call away.

it's all about chemistry

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How To Choose A Wedding Hairstyle

Let's Plan Your Event Today!

Need Help? Our professional staff is easy to work with, flexible and understanding.

Best Tips and Ideas for Your Hair on Your Wedding Hair Day

  • The choice not only depends on what you like, you also have to consider the style of your wedding dress and all the accessories.

  • For a simple, light dress, you should go for a simple, light, airy hairstyle.

  • If your dress is more elegant or has more texture and it resembles a gown, you should consider a hairstyle that has a smooth texture.

  • When it comes to the length of your hair, you do have two options.

  • You can leave your hair down or you can have your hair up.

  • It all depends on your style, preference, and how much you enjoy dancing.

  • You should also consider the weather, as a more loose, natural look could loose its form if the weather is too hot, while having the hair up would be more comfortable.

  • For a classic look you can choose a French twist hairstyle.

  • You can opt for a high, messy but beautiful bun if you have some gorgeous hairpins you might want to use.

  • For the most natural look, loose waves are perfect.

  • Light flying waves one from trending wedding hairstyles now, it will suit any bride.

  • You can also choose a half up half down approach.

  • This is one of the most popular options. It is very gentle and cute, emphasizes the natural beauty of the bride.

  • You could also add some accessories to it.

  • If you have long air and prefer to show that, you can always opt for a special ponytail hairstyle that would complement your hair.

professional bridal hair artist Chicago


professional bridal hair artist Chicago


professional bridal hair artist Chicago


professional bridal hair artist Chicago



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"They gave me clear prep instructions the nigh before. Stellar hair job!"


"From clean tools, meticulously organized and hard working, they were true hair magicians"


"I never felt so beautiful in my life. Thank you for discovering the look that I love "


"Amazing hair artists who truly love their  job!  Professional head designers"


"High standard hair styles worthy of red carpet. Can't thank then enough!"


" Easy to talk with , communicative and they listen to my needs and concerns"

Bridal Hair And Accessories for Every Bride

Getting ready for your big day can he a challenge and a hassle, but with Chicago Bridal Artists’ assistance, everything can be done smoothly, and on time. We have an army of experts when it comes to hair and make-up and all are here to help you on the most important day of your life.


Hair is the most important after your dress, and we know all brides out there agree that choosing the right bridal hair style and the right hair accessories can be time consuming, where there are so many hair styles and types of accessories to choose from.

Chicago Bridal Artists is here to help you narrow down the wedding hairstyles and find the perfect one for your hair texture, length and your complexion.

What Bridal Hair Accessories Fit You Best

We all know that wedding hair accessories will help you tie your bridal look together. They are also a statement and can set the tone for the theme of the wedding or mirror the season the wedding takes place in.

Regardless of what type of a bride you are and what season your wedding will take place in, hair accessories should not be overlooked, especially when you go for simpler more classic look with your dress and your jewelry.

Classic Wedding Hairstyles Are Tending Again

  • If you choose a style that is classic and simple, regardless if you wear your hair in a up bun or let it loose in waves over your shoulders, classic bridal hair accessories can add to those looks and make you shine more.

  • A classic approach would be to pair your classic bridal hair with a headband, a comp or a tiara with pearls. Pearls scream “classic’ are always chic and timeless and could go well with any type of hairstyle and veil lengths.

  • If you are a more bohemian bride, look for hairpins and vines, blossoms on clips and branches and leaves as motifs on accessories.

  • At Chicago Bridal Artists we work with the best bridal artists in Chicago who are experts when it comes to the last trends, what pairs well with your dress and hair type and how your look should be complemented by both your hair and the accessories in it.

  • If you are looking to find a hairdresser near you and set up an appointment to discuss your options based on your wedding theme, the style of your wedding dress and the theme of your wedding, this is the perfect place to be. From hairstyles to accessories, makeup and all wedding related subjects, our team is ready to help you.

Chicago Bridal Hair Experts Are Here to Help You

  • There’s so much in the hair and makeup world and everything is changing so quickly that it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options you have available. But Chicago Bridal Artists are here to help you decide on the perfect hairstyle for your weeding day.

  • Just contact us and we will take care of your hair appointment in no time, pairing you with a hairdresser who will work wonders and prove to be a true hair magician.

  • From our previous clients experiences we know that no matter your style and your request, our team of professionals will guide you and help you to achieve the look your dream of for your wedding celebration.

Bridal Hair Styles for Natural Texture

  • More and more brides embrace their natural hair texture and opt for natural hairstyles like textured afros, twist-outs, locs, and textured ponytails.

  • Many of the natural styles are obtainable with the client’s natural hair or using natural extensions.

  • We know some brides out there are not into using flat irons or hot rollers.

  • Besides, being your wedding day, you should be able to choose the style you want, without going through the process of straightening your hair if you do not want to.

  • If you’ve got gorgeous curls, you should choose a wedding hair style that would complement those curls instead of choosing one that would force you to flat iron your hair.

  • Your natural curls will support the hairdo and you will only need a couple of hair pins or a comb to keep it in place


Chicago Bridal Artists Are the Experts You Need

We have been working with the best bridal artists in Chicago. From hairdresser, to stylists, makeup artists and style consultants, we work with top professionals. Our former clients all had positive experiences and were delighted with the results.

  • All our stylists are on time!

Sometimes they would get to you even earlier than planned so that they have enough time to set up before starting to work with you. They all know how important a wedding is and how your look as a bride, should be perfect from morning till dawn, without an effort on your side. You can rest assured that, regardless of the style you choose they will make sure your hair would hold the entire night while looking great.

  • Experts in hair color!

Our professionals are experts in hair colors and perms and can do the highlights you dreamed of having on your wedding day.

Their expertise will exceed your highest expectations and you will enjoy a friendly atmosphere with people who listen to your needs and concerns.

Those magicians will guarantee you will have gorgeous wedding hair and will use their skills to come up with hairstyles that complement your wedding dress.

  • One stop bridal shop!

Choosing Chicago Bridal Artists will open the door to experts in the field. As a one-stop shop, you are able to not only talk to hairdressers but also with makeup artists, for a complete, flawless look on your big day.

  • Our artists do a stellar job!

We are committed to create a look you love while taking care of you. Once you choose the hairstyle you desire, they will help you and instruct you on how to prep your hair the night before so that they can easily work their magic the next day. They are amazing artists who love their job and are very easy to work with, but they are also very attentive when it comes to your safety and the hygiene of their equipment and tools.

  • We listen to you!

Come to Chicago Bridal Artists and let our team know what you need. That way you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your wedding while we pair you with the best bridal artists in Chicago.

Working with us will ensure that you will not only have a flawless look for the entire wedding day, but also that you will be stress free at least from the point of view of hairstyle and makeup. That will give you time to focus more on your dress and flower arrangement, or if that is also taken care of, then you will surely be more relaxed and happy on your bid day.

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your style+ our touch

Regardless of what style you embrace, from classic to romantic, from natural to bohemian, at Chicago Bridal Artists, our expert hairdressers will guide you and help you along the way.

With their help, you won’t have to worry about the process or the outcome and you will have the perfect hairstyle on your perfect wedding day.


Contact Chicago Bridal Artists today and let’s start planning the perfect look for your dream wedding, today!

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