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Makeup Classes

Learn to do makeup like a PRO

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Learn to do makeup like a PRO


One on One
3 hours $299

This class is designed as a complete introductory guide to makeup for everyone interested in learning how to apply makeup on themselves.

  • Howto chose the right products and build your personal kit

  • How to pick your brushes and proper application techniques

  • How to prep your skin for make-up application (medical aesthetician)

  • How to chose the right base and shade for your complexion and how to apply it.

  • How to contour and set your foundation

  • How to shape your eyebrows

  • How to choose the right colors for your eyes

  • How to execute your desired eye makeup (1 makeup technique)

  • How to choose and apply blush and lipstick

  • How to chose the right makeup colors to complement your outfits

This is an experience, service customized to your personal needs and wants.

After Work Class
3 hours a day/ 5 days
$799 (maximum 8)
Limited availability

This class is designed for busy professionals who want to learn, practice and perfect their own makeup application for different occasions based on latest techniques.

  • Day 1 Theory

  • Day 2 Day to day makeup

  • Day 3 Office makeup

  • Day 4 Day to evening makeup

  • Day 5 Party makeup


Complete Ultimate Beginner Class
$2099 2 weeks, 10 days Includes a brush set

The foundation you need to start your career as a successful Makeup artist and introduction to hair styling techniques.

  • Introduction to makeupI

  • Choosing the right professional products ( from brushes, makeup products, tools and disposables)

  • Hygiene and sanitation

  • Color theory

  • Facial Anatomy

  • Corrective Makeup, Highlight and contour

  • Step by Step makeup application

  • Eyebrows

  • Eyeshadow theory

  • Classic eye makeup

  • Glitter Eyes

  • Eyeliner

  • Lashes: Strip and individual

  • Smokey eyes

  • Deep Tones

  • Flat iron- straight, waves

  • Curling iron- beach waves, Hollywood waves

  • Personal branding and social media

  • The psychology of your client

NOTE: Last day if there’s time play a game of color making your own foundation with primary colors, using water paint.

4. Intermediate level $1599
All day 6 days (maximum 8) Limited availability

Introduction to the professional makeup world- Careers in makeup artistry

  • Bridal makeup

  • Instagram glam

  • Makeup for Asian faces

  • Classic Updo;

  • Chasing asymmetry

  • Working on mature skin

  • Set Etiquette

  • Business Strategy

  • In person on set experience

  • Bonus after completing the course

  • Designed to take your beginners skills to the next level

  • Bring a friend and you get $100 cash back.


Meet our trainers

With a vast experience in weddings, music videos, tv shows, film, editorial, red carpet, runaway, commercial, magazine spreads, trainer at cosmetology school and medical aesthetics, Romelia and Alisa have over 25 years of combined experience and  want to share their love and knowledge of makeup with other makeup enthusiasts.

Our passion and dedication is geared to transform the makeup industry and producing one of a kind talented artists. While working in production and leading the Chicago Bridal Artists team for on location luxury bridal hair and makeup services, our trainers are up to date with state of the art techniques and the latest trends so they can continue being the leading innovative makeup artists in USA

Our classes have a perfect combination of theory and practice. Theory because knowledge is required to build a solid foundation. And practice because make up is a skill that’s based on developing proper technique applications.

We ve curated a detailed and comprehensive curriculum that’s extremely easy to follow and help you start your career as a makeup artist.

From one on one classes to advanced techniques, we offer a wide selection of classes to meet everyones needs

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