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Earnings Disclaimer




Financial Aspects


None of the materials on this website,, are intended to help you earn money. As a company we need to present all the products and services we offer so that our clients may decide which fits their needs better, but nothing on this website is meant for you to use for financial gain.


Informational Status


The materials on this website are intended to inform you about the products and services we have available. Moreover, if the information on this website is not sufficient, please contact us at the phone number or email below to further discuss your concerns and assist you will the help you might need.


This website is not intended to present you a business idea. Please do not use this website as and inspiration to start a similar company. We are sure that our model and way of doing business and way of approaching clients is interesting, but it is also unique to our personality and years of experience. If you do want to create a similar business, stay true to yourself, see what the niche is missing and add your personality and way of pleasing customers in the mix.


Estimates and Services


This website helps you to get estimates on what services our company offers. With so many options out there, we know your time is valuable and you would like to know, as fast as possible, how much it would cost you to use a particular service. We are here to assist you with any type of service you might find perfect for your needs. The site helps you get estimates faster, to give you a rough idea about the cost, before you even commit to speak with an agent over the phone.


Discounts and Promotions


Any discounts, promotions or other price related offerings we might give you, are not related to any opportunities to increase your income. Each client is different and each invoice is different. If we decide to give you a discount, is because we either have a special promotion going on at the same time, or because the uniqueness of the project makes a price offering more reasonable. However, you or anyone else could use none of those offerings in any way. You cannot act like as a middle party, receive the discounts from us and have your client pay full price or even more, so that you can have financial gain.


Contact us


Should you have any questions about this Earnings Disclaimer, please contact us by phone at (630) 935-0719 or by emailing us at

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