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Making YOU feel beautiful is our mission – to look in the mirror and see the best version of yourself is such a reassuring and invigorating feeling because:

you are beautiful

We are so honored to be able to foster this feeling with our professional products, tools, unique techniques and artistic touch.

best eye makeup artist Chicago -Chicago Bridal Artists
best eye makeup artist Chicago -Chicago Bridal Artists


Our world renowned makeup artists 

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  • Michigan Avenue Magazine

  • Elle

  • Lofficiel

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best eye makeup artist Chicago -Chicago Bridal Artists


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  • fashion photoshoot 

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  • celebrity appearance gala

  • commercial photoshoot

  • editorial, magazines, media outlets

  • freelance, custom events

best eye makeup artist Chicago -Chicago Bridal Artists
best eye makeup artist Chicago -Chicago Bridal Artists


Get the complete look you deserve with latest eyeliners and eyeshadows in the fashion industry

Discover the unique version of yourself for fashion or editorial sessions with a  beautiful makeup before your photoshoots or performances

find your unique style

best eye makeup artist Chicago -Chicago Bridal Artists

Romantic hair and makeup

Here's an opportunity to highlight your unique beauty and to experience our professional makeup and hair artists and top of the line products .

Reach us directly and remember that we are just one call away.

it's all about chemistry

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Red Carpet




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Eyelash Application

"So far the best technique. She has a lot of experience and well oriented"


I've never felt more beautiful and glamorous!

Extremely patient and meticulous.


"Makeup schedule changed and they accommodated me instantly ."


"My vision was fulfilled with this new incredible look and great tips on skincare for a natural look.."


"Makeup artist was extremally professional and friendly making me feel very comfortable"


"My skin looks amazing. Such an great experience from constant communication to follow up for makeup tips."

Eye Makeup From Chicago Bridal Artists

Your wedding day is just around the corner. With everything put in place, from your dress, hairstyle, flowers and the venue, you only have to decide on the type and style of your eye wedding makeup.

We at Chicago Bridal Artists know that the endless options you can find on social media and in profile publications can be inspiring but can also be overwhelming when it comes to you deciding which one to choose.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Everyone should see the love, joy, happiness and hope you feel on your wedding day, just by looking into your eyes. That’s why, the focus on your eye makeup is important.

Regardless of the style you prefer, we are here to match you with the perfect makeup artist for your needs.

Professional Makeup Artists work with CBA

  • Our team of professional makeup artists does magic when it comes to bridal makeup.

  • If you want a more natural look, a glittery eye or the dramatic smokey eye, just let our team know and they will surprise you with the best makeup for the most important day in your life.

  • If you want to add mystery and charm, you can choose the bridal makeup Smokey eye.  Smokey Eye Bridal makeup can be paired with a nude lipstick for a daytime wedding or with a bold lip color for an evening look.

  • For brides who want a more natural look, our makeup artists are experts in natural wedding eye makeup.

  • If you are someone who does not usually use makeup on a daily basis, this type of makeup could be the perfect choice for you. This type of makeup is perfect for outdoor weddings at the beach, in the country, whimsical and barn weddings.

  • Our experts will match this natural look makeup with bold lips and maybe you can choose some detailed jewelry that will help complete your natural look.

Chicago Makeup Artist Take
Eye Color into Consideration

  • Eye shape and eye color are both important when choosing the style of your makeup and also the color palate for it.

  • For brides with brown eyes there are a lot of options, from a grey palette to bright colors. It all depends on the shape of your eyes and what you and your makeup artist want the makeup effect to be on your eyes. Certain colors would make your eyes look larger and others would shrink them.

  • If you have green eyes, purple would be a perfect color for you. For brides with blue eyes, light eye shadows like white and pink can enhance and flatter the color of your eyes.

  • Hazel eyes ask for colors like gold, bronze and champagne to emphasize the brown and yellow flecks in your eyes.

  • Our exceptional makeup artists from Chicago Bridal Artists will take into consideration the color and shape of your eyes, to choose the style of eye makeup style and colors that fit you best.

Red Carpet Makeup
For a Flawless Star

  • At Chicago Bridal Artists we not only provide professional makeup services to brides and wedding attendees. We also have an army of professionals who are trained experts in red carpet makeup.

  • Of course, this type of makeup can be more glamorous that the wedding one, but it can also be natural one if that is what you like.

  • Regardless of the style, working with Chicago Bridal Artists will ensure you will have a flawless makeup for the duration of the event, without you having to worry about it.

  • Our team of experts knows that red carpet events involve pictures; lights and heat so they will make sure your makeup can withstand all that. Looking glamorous for hours is not an impossible task when you work with the best team in town.

Special Event Makeup Sessions

  • We know that most events that you are taking part in are special and that you want to put your best foot forward.

  • You can choose any type of eye makeup mentioned above or you can opt for a bolder version, the soft glitter eye makeup.

  • This makeup style sits at home with woodland weddings, glam, vintage, Gothic, and industrial-chic affairs.

  • Regardless of the event you are planning to attend, from concerts to movie premiers and birthday bashes, we are here to help you with any type and style of special makeup you might need for your special event.

wedding pic9.jpg

Commercial Makeup Artists and Why They Matters

  • Our experts at Chicago Bridal Artists are the best in the industry when it comes to commercial makeup.

  • Our team of makeup artists is essential on a movie set, to make sure that everyone part of the cast looks their best and that their looks and makeup are in accord with their roles and the time period the video depicts.

  • Commercial work is what I consider work for companies.

  • Most makeup artists work for TV commercials, print ads, internal videos, and annual reports.

  • Contact us and tell us about your new TV show, upcoming video release or any other makeup needs your company might have.

  • We will help you find the perfect person on our team to fulfill all your commercial makeup need and bring your ideas to life in a professional way.

Editorial Makeup Artist Take Over Print

  • This type of makeup is meant to catch your eye whenever you glance at the pages of a magazine. It is colorful, stylish and sometimes out of the box. Our team at Chicago Bridal Artists is well versed in the field of editorial makeup. They have been working with newspapers, magazine and websites from America and beyond. Their experience and professionalism is recognized in the printed pages of the editorial makeups they helped creating. Now more than ever, editorial makeup crosses the line from print and websites into social media.

  • If you are an Instagram influencer or a famous YouTube-er, you have experienced first hand the importance of editorial makeup. When it comes to magazines and newspapers, most editorial makeup photography is also connected to fashion, beauty articles and the entertainment industry.

  • At Chicago Bridal Artists we are proud to work with a team of professionals who have experience in editorial makeup. If you are in need of new editorial makeup photos and have a makeup concept that you would like publish, we are here to assist you will all your makeup needs to bring your ideas to life.

Fashion Makeup

  • Fashion makeup is close to editorial makeup in fashion magazines. But it is also a field on its own when it comes to fashion shows. Our fashion makeup artists are professionally trained and know their ways around and in the backstage of a runaway.

  • This type of makeup is always high impact, and more often than not, the fashion makeup, helped by prosthetic and accessories, becomes an integral part of the overall display one model does on the catwalk.

  • Our fashion makeup models are proficient in creating looks that work wonders on the runway but that also look exquisite in fashion magazines. They know the most important aspects of this field, is that fashion makeup needs to withstand the show, the heat and the lighting on the catwalk, but it also needs to be seen by people in the audience.

  • In fashion magazines, because pictures are taken from a closer angle, the fashion makeup uses more subtle colors and the makeup artists can retouch or adjust the initial makeup between shots.

  • At fashion shows, the role of the makeup artist can be detrimental in who will stand out more on the catwalk or which designer’s collection would be applauded more.
    At Chicago Bridal Artists we know and understand this. That is why we only work with Chicago’s best when it comes to any type of makeup, but especially fashion makeup.

Celebrity Makeup

  • Similar to the red carpet makeup and the special event makeup, the celebrity makeup is a special service we at Chicago Bridal Artists offer. Chicago does have its famous people and its red carpet events, and our team is dedicated to assist everyone with their celebrity makeup needs.

  • We know that celebrities have limited amounts of time and need the makeup done on a last minute request sometimes. We are more than happy to connect celebrities and their assistants with the best celebrity makeup artists in Chicago.

Our Clients Love Our Makeup Artists
We Work With

  • At Chicago Bridal Artists we believe that everyone with talent and dedication should have a chance to grow and became who they dream of becoming in their profession. That is why we are committed to help and promote freelance makeup artists in Chicago and help them with guidance and the network we already have to become the next big names in the makeup industry.

  • Our clients love our freelance makeup artists. Sometimes the connection between them forms easier and they understand each other’s ideas better which is also helping freelancers build their portfolios and grow their clientele.

  • We do choose our freelance makeup artists carefully and make sure they all follow the Chicago Bridal Artists standards in terms of service and products used.

  • Having a diverse, inclusive and accessible environment is important for us. That way the Chicago Bridal Artists team becomes stronger while depicting the diverse community it serves.

  • If you are a bride, a fashion designer, a celebrity or an editor for a beauty magazine, at Chicago Bridal Artists you will find the perfect makeup artist you need. Just give us some details about your project or upcoming event and we will pair you with the best makeup artists in the field for a magical experience.


your style+ our touch

If you are a bride, a fashion designer, a celebrity or an editor for a beauty magazine, at Chicago Bridal Artists you will find the perfect makeup artist you need.


Just give us some details about your project or upcoming event and we will pair you with the best makeup artists in the field for a magical experience.


Contact Chicago Bridal Artists today and let’s start planning the perfect look for your today!

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