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Ultimate Guide for Beautiful Makeup 

 This makeup guide covers various topics from skin care to the best tips and tricks needed to complete your makeup application like a professional.


Our guide highlights various topics, including:

With over 25 years of combined experience in all areas of makeup ( bridal, editorial, film, ad
campaigns, red carpet, music videos, celebrity) Romelia and Alisa have completed the ultimate
guide in how to achieve the best makeup look.

According to co-owner and professional makeup artist, Romelia, the guide is aimed at helping people overcome frustration by providing easy-to-follow beauty tips that elevate their makeup application skills.

skin preparation


Skin preparation

  • This is one of the most important steps. A good skincare routine ensures an easy makeup application leading to a flawless, all day lasting makeup base (foundation).

  • Skincare starts with proper face cleaning morning and night.

  • Moisturizing accordingly to meet your individual skin type needs.

  • Weekly exfoliation ( BHA and AHA acids) makes the foundation blend seamlessly.

  • Once your skin care is complete, is the perfect time to apply a lip balm.​

makeup brushes


Make up brushes

  • Good makeup brushes make a world of difference in makeup application. Our go to favorites are Japanese, natural hair bristles, hand crafted brushes such as:

    • Hakuhodo,

    • Sonia G,

    • Chikuhodo,

    • to name a few.

  • They could last a lifetime if cared for properly.

  • We recommend washing them weekly with soap to remove any residual makeup and prevent bacteria from growing.

  • Rinse them thoroughly and apply conditioner (the same one you use for your hair), rinse again, squeeze out the excess water, reshape them to the original state and lay them flat on a towel to air dry.




  • When choosing the right foundation, the easiest one to work with is a medium cover natural finish foundation.

  • Our go to preffered products are :

    • Tom Ford traceless foundation stick,:

    • Armani luminous silk

    •  Dior backstage.

  • One of the most common mistakes is applying foundation with your fingers, instead opt for a brush or sponge for better coverage and blending.

  • The biggest challenge with foundation is color matching, a proper consultation with a professional makeup artist could save you money and time in choosing the right product for you, a service that we can gladly help you with (one on one makeup class)

luxury-fashion-makeup-guide-chicago-bridal-artists_500X_ 1.JPEG



Eye Shadow Secrets

  • This is the most intimidating step for most makeup enthusiasts.

  • Use an eyeshadow base to make your colors pop and last all day.

  • Use different brushes for different colors.

  • We suggest that all our clients use complimentary colors to their eye color for the most flattering eye makeup (see color theory or book a class with us)

  • If you have fine lines the golden rule is “less is more” and please opt for a less shimmery powder and avoid metallics.

  • Lashes (individual or strip) will always be a great addition to your makeup look, they create the
    optical illusion of an eye lift and a bigger elongated eye, this way you’ll actually see your lashes
    in the picture :))




  • Whether you opt for a natural color or a bold red lip, we encourage all of our clients to always use a lip liner in order to define, contour and create a long lasting lip color.

  • The darker the lip color the smaller the lips will appear.

  • Go brighter or add gloss for volume.

  • For a youthful appearance we suggest a hydrating lip product.

Body Builder


Do not neglect yourself in order to have great results from any beauty program.

"Beauty is an important part of making a person feel good about themselves, but many times people get frustrated because they do not have the right resources when it comes to beauty tips.

  • WE are going to provide YOU with beauty information that YOU can easily utilize to avoid that frustration and boost their self confidence, because Chicago Bridal Artists want them to feel beautiful and confident, it’s a feeling that can not be edited.

  • WE believe makeup is very personal and it should compliment your style.

  • WHEN you are in our chair, makeup is about you and your vision of beauty.

  • PPROPER makeup application is a skill everyone needs.

  • ASK about our makeup classes that are tailored to fulfill every need .

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