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Chicago Bridal Artists it's a team of highly rated, professional and talented Chicago makeup artists and hairstylists that will take you to a complete luxury bridal hair & make-up experience as seen on Netflix, Cosmopolitan, Chicago Bride, Glamour, Elle, Bazaar, Fruk, Grazia, Michigan Avenue Magazine etc.


We will help you discover the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day.

Rated among the best professional Chicago makeup artists, our team  will create a tailored look that  will stand the test of time.

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The spotlight is on you and our professional bridal hair artists will contribute with their amazing skills and undeniable expertise.



Highlight your beauty, discover your style and test our professional products and artists

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What is your look?

Let's Plan Your Event Today!

Need Help? Our professional staff is easy to work with, flexible and understanding.



lights camera action


"So far the best technique. She has a lot of experience and well oriented"

"Thank you for making me look like a movie star!"

"Makeup schedule changed and they accommodate me instantly ."

"My vision was fulfilled with this new incredible look and great tips on skincare for a natural look.."

"Makeup artist was extremally professional and friendly making me feel very comfortable"

"My skin looks amazing. Such an great experience from constant communication to follow up for makeup tips."


What’s your look? Whether you’re after classic, timeless elegance or a bold downtown style, you can trust the experts at Chicago Bridal Artists to bring your vision to life.

Fill out an inquiry, so we can get started on securing your date and assigning your team.

View our pricing. We would love to customize a specific beauty plan for your next event.

Check out our past clients. Visit our Bridal, Editorial and Video Production Portfolios.


Chicago Makeup Artists

Our team of professional makeup artists does magic when it comes to a variety of makeup types. From natural looking, to bridal makeup, our team has worked in all the fields of the industry and has experience with the vast cosmetic techniques that are in trend right now.

The makeup artists we work with know how to take care of everyone, from famous people in showbiz, to actors and actresses both on the big screen and on the theater scene.

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They know the differences between an event makeup and an on screen one, they have the expertise to bring characters to life through makeup and to create looks that go beyond the first few rows of seats in a show venue.

The goals for movie and theater makeup artists are for their work to go unnoticed. People watching the shows should not see the heavy makeup or the prosthetics, but to discover the characters the actors impersonate.

Our experts in makeup techniques know how to convey a variety of looks across genres and time periods and have worked with teams for many theatre and film productions.

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From Natural to Dramatic, We Cover Every Bridal Style Makeup

If you want a more natural look, a glittery eye or the dramatic smokey eye, just let our team know and they will surprise you with the best makeup for the most important day in your life.

If you want to add mystery and charm, you can choose the bridal makeup Smokey eye Smokey Eye Bridal makeup can be paired with a nude lipstick for a daytime wedding or with a bold lip color for an evening look.


For brides who want a more natural look, our makeup artists are experts in natural wedding eye makeup.

If you are someone who does not usually use makeup on a daily basis, this type of makeup could be the perfect choice for you. This type of makeup is perfect for outdoor weddings at the beach, in the country, whimsical and barn weddings.

Our experts will match this natural look makeup with bold lips and maybe you can choose some detailed jewelry that will help complete your natural look.

Best Bridal Hair Artists in Chicago Just For You

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Your wedding day is just around the corner. With everything put in place, from your dress, hairstyle, flowers and the venue, you only have to decide on the type and style of your eye wedding makeup.

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We are here just for you and we know that the endless options you can find on social media and in profile publications can be inspiring but can also be overwhelming when it comes to you deciding which one to choose.



All our stylists know how important a wedding is and how your look as a bride, should be perfect from morning till dawn, without an effort on your side. You can rest assured that, regardless of the style you choose, they will make sure your hair would hold the entire night while looking great.

why you deserve it

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Everyone should see the love, joy, and happiness and hope you feel on your wedding day, just by looking into your eyes.

That’s why, the focus on your eye makeup is important.

Regardless of your style and the theme of your wedding, here you will always find the best makeup and hair artists to complete your looks for your big day.

Just let us know what your plans and expectations are and we will connect you with our experts.

Our Chicago Professional Bridal Artists are here to make your life easier; save you time and provide you with the best of the best in terms of makeup and hair.

Just contact us and we will take care of your makeup appointments in no time, pairing you with makeup artists who will work wonders and prove to be true magicians.

Working with us will ensure that you will not only have a flawless look for the entire wedding day, but also that you will be stress free at least from the point of view of makeup.


That will give you time to focus more on your dress and flower arrangement, or if that is also taken care of, then you will surely be more relaxed and happy on your bid day.

Contact your personal artist today and let’s start planning

the perfect look for your dream wedding, today!

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Chicago Makeup and Hair Professionals Bring Magic to Your Life

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our story

We are very proud to say that our team of experts is here to help every bride on her wedding day.

Hiring one of our wedding makeup artists will be beneficial on many levels.

From a stress free day to flawless look and salon-quality products, hiring a wedding makeup artist is the way to go.

Instead of stressing about your look, or if your eye shadow would look equally flawless after a day of celebrating, instead of trying to have all your bridesmaids a coherent look just by explaining them your vision, why not hire a wedding makeup artist?

And it is not only the makeup that matters on your wedding day. We work with an army of talented wedding makeup artists and wedding hair artists who truly perform magic at every wedding in town.

They have the knowledge, they have the experience and they have the professional tools to bring your wedding makeup and hair ideas to life.


   The Best Chicago Bridal Artists   

Are at Your Service

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it's all about you


Depending on the style of your wedding dress and the hairstyle you want to go with on your big day, you can choose a floral wreath made of rhinestones, pearl beads, and metal enamel flowers will accentuate your bridal hairstyle and will give you all the sparkly benefits of a tiara.


You can choose to accentuate your updo with tiny crystal hair pins that will catch the light from every angle and look amazing in all of your photos. Or you can choose a large pearl hairpin that will give your wedding hairstyle a sophisticated and chic look.

If you choose a loosed braid look, you can opt for a vine that could be weaving through your hair. You can opt for different colors and lengths that complement your hair color. The vines also come in different lengths to suit every bridal style and hair type.

If you are a more out-going bride and would love to incorporate nature into your wedding, you can also consider having a touch of nature into your hair. From flowers to little branches and leaves, you could choose to accessorize any type of hairdo and style with some nature inspired hair accessories.

You can choose some berries, greenery or even pine cones that could complement your hairstyle and be in tone with the nature-lover you are.

For those brides who are old souls and embrace everything vintage, the hairstyles are as diverse as the modern ones and the accessories as glamorous. If you are inspired by art-deco beauty, let our team know and they will help you decide what vintage accessories and hair-wedding styles will suit your preferences better.

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