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Making YOU feel beautiful is our mission – to look in the mirror and see the best version of yourself is such a reassuring and invigorating feeling because:

you are beautiful

We are so honored to be able to foster this feeling with our professional products, tools, unique techniques and artistic touch.

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Our world renowned makeup artists 

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best wedding makeup artist chicago
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best wedding makeup artist chicago chicago bridal artist


Get the complete look you deserve on your  wedding day

Discover the unique version of yourself with our refined styles that match your perfect day

find your unique style

wedding makeup bride and bridesmaids chicago


Here's an opportunity to highlight your unique beauty and to test our professional makeup and hair artists and top of the line products .

Reach us directly and remember that we are just one call away.

it's all about chemistry

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What is your look?

Let's Plan Your Event Today!

Need Help? Our professional staff is easy to work with, flexible and understanding.

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best wedding makeup artist chicago chicago bridal artist



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"You make my day! Thank you for a stress free experience."


"From clean tools, brushes and pencils by size, to sanitized napkins. Wow"


"Wedding Trial dates for complete look got changed several times, but the not their service "


"They are one phone call away anytime . Unbelievable!."


"Earlier to my surprise, but the peace of mind helped me through the day"


"Accommodating my schedule was definitely a challenge that got successfully done!"

Hire a Wedding Makeup Artist
For Magical Results

Chicago Bridal Artists is proud to say that our team of experts is here to help every bride on her wedding day. Hiring one of our wedding makeup artists will be beneficial on many levels. From a stress free day to flawless look and salon-quality products, hiring a wedding makeup artist is the way to go.

Instead of stressing about your look, or if your eye shadow would look equally flawless after a day of celebrating, instead of trying to have all your bridesmaids a coherent look just by explaining them your vision, why not hire a wedding makeup artist?

And it is not only the makeup that matters on your wedding day. At Chicago Bridal Artists we work with an army of talented wedding makeup artists and wedding hair artists who truly perform magic at every wedding in town. They have the knowledge, they have the experience and they have the professional tools to bring your wedding makeup and hair ideas to life.

Why You Should Hire a
Wedding Makeup Artist in Chicago

On your big day, you do not need extra stress. What you do need is to know that you and your makeup are being taken care of, that at the end of the night, after hours of dancing, laughing and even some happy tears, you look as flawless as you looked before the wedding ceremony.

Hiring a wedding makeup artist for your Chicago wedding is the best thing you could do when it comes to a beautiful, stress-free wedding day.

At Chicago Bridal Artists you can sit down and talk to our artists, explain them your vision, let them know what style of wedding makeup you aim for and then have them test it. That way, you make sure you get what you want, that the makeup style resonates with your dress and hair. You can work with both our hair and makeup wedding professionals for a complete look. Testing the looks will ensure that on your big day you know exactly what to expect from your wedding makeup artist.

Hiring makeup artists not only eliminates stress. It also saves you time. While makeup sessions can take longer when done by family members of friends, makeup artists have the experience and knowledge to produce quality wedding makeup fast.

Our artists will take into consideration your style, the dress you will be wearing, the accessories you plan to add and the theme of the wedding, in addition to the shape of your face, the way you will wear your hair and the color of your eyes.

For our experts, no detail is insignificant when it comes to your wedding day look.

They can even match the color palette of your bouquet with your makeup, if that is something you have in mind.

Chicago Wedding
Hair and Makeup Professionals

  • Working with Chicago Bridal Artists for all your weeding hair and makeup needs does not only mean flawless looks and a stress-free wedding day. It also implies salon quality products and services.

  • Our professional wedding makeup artists and hairdressers are experts in their fields and use top-shelf quality products.

  • We all know that a wedding is celebrating love with your friends and family. That involves a lot of emotions, from crying to laughing and a lot of dancing.

  • That is why you need to choose professional wedding hair and makeup artists, to ensure that your look won’t suffer and you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the happy tears or the energetic dancing.

  • Plus, high quality beauty products can be expensive and if you are one of those brides who do not usually wear makeup or had her hair done every couple of weeks, Chicago Bridal Artists team is the best option for you.

  • They will bring all the needed products to complete your look and you can rest assured they will use the best ones on the market for that.

  • The makeup and hair experts on our team of artists are always up-to-date with all the latest hair and makeup trends and products.

  • They will give you the best advice when it comes to your look for the big day and will make sure it will be exquisite.

Wedding Glam That
Lasts a Lifetime

  • Every bride out there wants her wedding day to be as glamorous as possible and they all want to record and have those memories forever. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is the way to go to ensure that in the decades to come, you can look back at your wedding day and remember every detail of it with a smile on your face.

  • But how you look in those pictures also matters, and that is where Chicago Bridal Artists come into the picture.

  • While our experts will make sure that your look lasts for the entire day and evening, they will also make sure that your makeup will also look flawless in the pictures and that the light on your face will highlight your features.

  • We know that the same makeup can look almost 30% lighter in pictures than in real life. That is why you will need a professional to do your wedding makeup. They know the exact tricks and hacks to make your makeup look lawless both in pictures and in real life.

  • At Chicago Bridal Artists, our wedding makeup artists have the editorial and events makeup experience, they know what works and what does not, and they are experts in choosing the style or wedding makeup and palette that not only enhances your face shape and eye color, but will also be admired during your wedding day, and in the pictures years after.

  • So trust us to glam you up for the big day so you can relax and have fun at your wedding without having to worry about your eyeliner, mascara, lipstick or hairdo.

  • Just because you can and know how to do your makeup, that does not mean that you should. It’s your wedding day, so allow yourself to feel pampered, and let Chicago Bridal Artists to take care of you. You won’t be sorry and will recall the day with a smile on your face, every time you glance at your wedding album.

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wedding-makeup-artist-chicago-chicago-bridal-artists (20).JPG

Best Wedding Makeup Artists Work
With Chicago Bridal Artists

Hiring professional wedding hair and makeup artists

  • means flawless looks that last and two less things to stress and worry about on your wedding day. At Chicago Bridal Artists we are proud to work with a team of experts who are the best in their field. When you have the best people in the makeup and hair industry under the same umbrella, it is easy for all our clients to find their best match. Regardless of your style and the theme of your wedding, here you will always find the best makeup and hair artists to complete your looks for your big day.

Just let us know what your plans and expectations are and we will connect you with our experts.

  • It is very easy to feel overwhelmed during the preparations for your wedding with all those items on your to do list. Chicago Bridal Artists is here to make your life easier, save you time and provide you with the best of the best in terms of makeup and hair.

  • Just contact us and we will take care of your hair and makeup appointments in no time, pairing you with a hairdresser and makeup artist who will work wonders and prove to be true magicians.

From our previous clients experiences we know that no matter your style and your request, our team of professionals will guide you and help you to achieve the look your dream of for your wedding celebration.

Our former clients all had positive experiences and were delighted with the results.

  • All our stylists are on time. Sometimes they would get to you even earlier than planned so that they have enough time to set up before starting to work with you.

  • They all know how important a wedding is and how your look as a bride, should be perfect from morning till dawn, without an effort on your side.

  • You can rest assured that, regardless of the style you choose, they will make sure your hair and makeup would hold the entire night while looking great.


your style+ our touch

Working with us will ensure that you will not only have a flawless look for the entire wedding day, but also that you will be stress free at least from the point of view of hairstyle and makeup.

That will give you time to focus more on your dress and flower arrangement, or if that is also taken care of, then you will surely be more relaxed and happy on your bid day.


Contact Chicago Bridal Artists today and let’s start planning the perfect look for your dream wedding, today!

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